The Green Movement!

We here at Reel -N- Motion have been implementing new green practices over the past few years since our growing company has been creating a larger impact.  Recently, we decided its time to take the next step and not only be a self-proclaimed green company, but work towards becoming a certified green business.  As we begin this process, we have had to take a serious look at our current practices: we are happy to report we have done well on our own so far!  However, when it comes to Planet Earth’s future, there is always room for improvement, as a result we are in the process of implicating even more practices to reduce our impact on the environment and have been creating products that are environmentally friendly to suit today’s clients.

Also, as you’re reading this blog, be happy to know that you are reading from a site that is hosted by 100% wind energy.  Netfirms, an EPA Green Power Partner, has invested in purchasing the 100% Renewable Energy Credits or the RECs from renewable source of the wind energy. This offsets their electricity use and prevents almost 2,660 metric tons of deadly CO2 to be released in our atmosphere each year.  Just to give you an idea of what all that means,  it is the equivalent of the energy saved by not driving 6.1 miles or planting 2,390 acres of trees!  Get used to seeing our new badge, as we are proud to be working with Netfirms:

Maybe all this desire to push the green envelop has to do something with the green building we have moved our office into.  The PeriPoint building is not only green in the environmental sense, it is actually green in color too!

The PeriPoint is a landmark in downtown Bethesda, located at the busy five-way intersection of Old Georgetown, Wilson, St. Elmo and Arlington.  The building is LEED certified and sustainable by striving for the smallest environmental footprint.  Some of its green features are as follows:

  • a reduced energy system for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems
  • pavers and perimeters on the sidewalk terrace to reduce storm water run-off
  • partial green roof on the upper rooftop garden
  • bike racks and showers to encourage walking and biking to work
  • maximum daylight lighting with operable windows
  • louvered solar screens, designed to block sunlight during hot summer months
  • renewable building materials, including recycled material content, recycled demolished building parts, and avoiding any non-renewable materials
  • highly efficient energy recovery ventilator for exhausting stale air from the building and drawing fresh air in to replace it
  • circular, exterior stair takes up less room than a normal staircase; does not have to be cooled, heated or continuously lit, saving energy
  • non-hydraulic KONE elevator uses 20% of the energy of a typical elevator

Check out this video by Montgomery Planning to get to know our new building even more:


written by: chrysis petersexecutive coordinator